Halloween Pets Safety

Halloween Pets Safety

October 22, 2015

by Dr. Mike Petty, DVM

Some animals seem to enjoy the attention of getting dressed up and parading around.  I have entered my own costumed dogs into dog parades, and we all seemed to have fun. But during Halloween, with the excitement of kids running and yelling, being out at night, and people themselves in costume, it can seem overwhelming to pets.  As fun as it might be for you, make sure your pet is comfortable as well. It is much better to turn back than trying to make him finish your planned route if your pet is visible upset.

Even at home, what do our pets think?  The doorbell constantly ringing, people in costumes, and lots of shouting. Even for the bravest pets, it must seem a little bit unnerving.  If your dog or cat seems to be getting wound up, consider shutting them in a room away from the action, with either a television or music turned up to drown out the noise.  Even still, knocking and doorbells might be heard, so consider sitting on the front porch and distributing the goodies before that doorbell can be rung or a bunch of kids yell, “Trick or Treat!”

Don’t forget that many of the treats your children bring home can make pets sick.  Chocolate and raisins are toxic. Foods high in sugar can trigger a bout of pancreatitis, a life-threatening disorder.  And dogs won’t hesitate to eat their way through plastic and paper wrappers to get to those treats! Keep the candy out of reach, or in a latched cupboard, and have a great Halloween!