AAHA Accredited Animal Hospital in Canton, MI

An AAHA-Accredited Animal Hospital in Canton, MI

You may have seen the red and white AAHA logo on our homepage. But what does AAHA mean? Why is it important? At Arbor Pointe Veterinary Hospital, we pride ourselves on the one-on-one care we provide to our patients and clients. We also believe that only the highest-quality services and treatment will do. Therefore, it made perfect sense for our team to pursue accreditation with the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

AAHA is the only accrediting body for animal hospitals in North America. To obtain accreditation with this organization, our practice needed to fulfill approximately 900 standards of quality to ensure a commitment to veterinary excellence. Fewer than 15% of veterinary clinics throughout the US and Canada achieve AAHA accreditation. Becoming AAHA-accredited has helped our hospital achieve its full potential and become a place where people and their pets can always expect exceptional care.

Booking an appointment at our AAHA accredited animal hospital is easy! Call (734) 844-8844 or use the online form!

Standards of AAHA Excellence

To maintain our accreditation, our hospital must pass AAHA inspection every three years on over 900 different care standards.

These standards are grouped into the following 18 categories:

  • Anesthesia
  • Pain management
  • Patient care
  • Surgery
  • Human resources
  • Critical care
  • Safety
  • Housekeeping and maintenance
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Contagious disease
  • Client services
  • Medical records
  • Leadership
  • Dentistry
  • Laboratory and pharmacy
  • Exam facilities
  • Referral standards
  • Continuing education

Our AAHA Accreditation is a Promise

Being an AAHA-accredited hospital is not about having a title, but about promising service that goes well beyond your expectations every time. We believe that you can only provide the best medical care if you truly understand your patients and the people you serve. Therefore, our accreditation demonstrates our promise to be an advocate for your pet and a trusted veterinary partner for you.

Learn more about AAHA at aaha.org. You are also welcome to call (734) 844-8844 for more information about how our accreditation benefits you and your pet or can book an appointment through our online form.

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