Arbor Pointe is one of the first clinics in the US to get the new arthritis drug Librela. Librela belongs to a class of drugs called Monoclonal Antibodies. Librela acts by sequestering one of the major causes of arthritis pain, something called Nerve Growth Factor. It is given once every 28 days. FDA Studies showed that most dogs had a reduction in pain at day 42 (two weeks after the second injection). It has been the experience in our clinic that many dogs are getting some relief as early as 7 days.

Librela has been used in Europe for over two years; millions of doses have been given and there have been no serious adverse effects. The most common thing we see at our clinic is mild stinging during injection, and even that is uncommon.

Who Should Get Librela?

It is estimated that 60% of dogs have osteoarthritis.  I think of osteoarthritis as the hidden disease because until it has become advanced and you see limping, many of the signs are behavioral. For example, not playing as much as previously, tiring easily, reluctance to walk on slippery surfaces and no longer willing or hesitating to jump up or down from furniture, cars, etc. Many people write this off as “he is lazy” or “she is just old.” But most dogs act puppy-like their entire life, and old dogs still like to play and do the things they always did.

Any dog suffering from osteoarthritis, especially those dogs that are not responding to other pain medications or who can no longer take them because of unwanted side effects. Who should not get Librela? If you are happy with your current pain protocol, then don’t switch; there is no such thing as a drug that works in 100% of patients.

Learn More About Librela

To learn more about osteoarthritis and Librela, please visit this website:

And finally, here is a video of one dog that benefited from Librela. Not all dogs respond this quickly or have the same results.