Emergency Vet in Canton, MI

Critical Vet Care in Canton, MI

If you are a current/established client experiencing an urgent situation with your pet, call us at (734) 844-8844 and let us know you have a critical situation. Our team will work quickly to stabilize your pet and administer care while also keeping you informed about their condition.

Signs Your Dog or Cat Needs Immediate Care

If your pet is experiencing any of the following, contact us during our normal business hours at (734) 844-8844, or reach out to the after-hours clinic listed below.

  • Choking, having trouble breathing, panting heavily
  • Pale pink or white gums
  • Convulsions/seizures
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Broken bones
  • Blood in stool and/or vomit
  • Pet is constipated or unable to urinate
  • Pet has ingested something toxic
  • Unable to stand or walk
  • Lethargy
  • Injury to the eye(s)
  • Foaming at the mouth
  • Collapse, loss of consciousness
  • Swelling around the face (possible allergic reaction)
  • Vomiting more than 24 hours
  • No eating/drinking in 24 hours

Where to Go for After-Hours Critical Care

If our animal hospital is closed and your pet urgently needs care, please contact the Animal Emergency Center in Novi. They are available 24/7 to help pets in need.