Wellness Exams for Pets in Canton, MI

Wellness care is an essential area of veterinary medicine encompassing various services tailored to each pet's individual needs. We want the pets of Canton and surrounding areas to stay happy and healthy and enjoy the longest life they can. Therefore, we devote as much time as our clients need to get to the bottom of their pets' health issues.

Routine wellness exams and diagnostic tests are a proactive way to reduce your pet's odds of developing certain illnesses later in life, and can increase their lifespan. Whatever concerns you have about your pet's diet, behavior, and other factors, such as parasite prevention, our team will be here to guide you in making the best possible choices.

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Wellness Exams for Pets in Canton, MI

Why Are Pet Wellness Exams Important?

Just as humans need to see their doctor for regular checkups, our pets need annual exams to stay healthy. Since our pets have shorter lives, they age quickly and develop illnesses that may start out subtle. Yearly exams give us a chance to catch illnesses in their early stages.

Areas we check during the wellness visit include but are not limited to:

  • Heart, lungs, temperature, weight and level of pain, if any
  • Eyes, ears and nose
  • Skin, coat, paws
  • Limbs, joints and tail

During this time, we encourage you to ask any questions you have and voice concerns about issues you may have observed at home. Addressing problems quickly makes it easier for us to diagnose and treat them, before they can progress.

Caring for Pets at Every Life Stage

Puppies and kittens should see their veterinarian at 6-8 weeks old for their first wellness exam, fecal test and first vaccinations. Additionally, puppies and kittens are often born with intestinal parasites they received from their mothers while nursing, and these need to be treated quickly. For the best analysis, we send fecal samples to a professional lab. 

Did you know that implementing proper nutrition in your pet's first year will impact their health for the rest of their life? We will provide you with proper nutritional counseling. Also, we will discuss handling, socialization, parasite prevention and other topics during your pet's first exam. Our goal is to establish a health baseline and give you the information you need to provide the best possible care for your pet.

Our main concern for adult dogs and cats is keeping them in peak health. This includes routine checkups, vaccinations and addressing lifestyle changes. Furthermore, your pet should be taking prescribed parasite preventives throughout the year for protection against fleas, ticks and heartworms. These pests can cause disease, so be sure to consult with us about your pet's prevention needs.

When your pet reaches their golden years, they may need to see their veterinarian more frequently. Routine exams will alert us to any potential issues, such as osteoarthritis. As pets age, their likelihood of developing osteoarthritis increases. Therefore, we recommend checking pets in this age group for osteoarthritis whenever possible to prevent further inflammation and keep their condition manageable. Diagnostics become much more important as a pet ages, and we will recommend options based on exam findings and past history. Making sure your senior pet stays pain-free and mobile is our highest priority. 

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