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Dr. Petty Travels to India

In late November 2018, Dr. Petty traveled to India to meet with Dr. Deepa Katyal at his pain practice to discuss various patient cases and participate in the 17th World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) Continuing Education Program in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Dr. Petty was one of two distinguished guest speakers at the event where he had the chance to lecture about various topics including nursing care, pain control, and more.

During his trip, Dr. Petty was also able to meet patients and take in the many sights India has to offer. See the slideshow below!

Dr. Petty with another doctor: Events in Canton
Dr. Petty with a friend who practices pet medicine in Finland.
an entire family riding on a motorcycle: Events in Canton
It is not unusual to see an entire family riding on a motorcycle, as cars are a luxury in India.
Dr. Petty on stage: Events in Canton
Dr. Petty on stage.
Attendees listening to Dr. Petty’s lecture: Events in Canton
Approximately 800 attendees listening to Dr. Petty’s lecture.
Dr. Petty’s first lecture: Events in Canton
Dr. Petty’s first lecture; an awards presentation.
The floating palace in Jaipur: Events in Canton
The floating palace in Jaipur.
Dr. Petty attends a special dinner: Events in Canton
Dr. Petty attends a special dinner for which Indian ethnic wear was the dress code. There were many different styles of clothing based on where each individual was from in India. Being probably one of the tallest people in India, Dr. Petty needed to have his clothes made specially for him.
a man riding an elephant: Events in Canton
Dr. Petty and his group encounter a man riding an elephant ahead of them on the road. They pulled over and the man climbed down to speak with the group and allow them to pet the elephant.
Dr. Petty and another vet working on a patient: Events in Canton
Dr. Deepa Katyal is a veterinarian who runs a pain management practice in India. He and Dr. Petty frequently discuss patient cases together. Here, he is showing Dr. Katyal a few acupuncture points on Buddy, a patient that has been paralyzed for about 2 years. A day after Dr. Petty performed acupuncture on Buddy, his owner reported that he had done a crawling walk for the first time since becoming paralyzed.
a sign that says Mumbai: Events in Canton
Dr. Petty holding a puppy: Events in Canton
Magic is a dog that was born without front legs. Dr. Deepa Katyal adopted him and together with Dr. Petty, is working to build a device to help Magic move around more easily.
The Taj Mahal: Events in Canton
The resplendent Taj Mahal in Agra.
The Qutb complex in Old Delhi: Events in Canton
The Qutb complex in Old Delhi is a World Heritage Site that includes a palace, a tomb, a fort, and a minaret.

Dr. Petty and his Arbor Pointe staff are so very compassionate and extremely professional! I’ve taken my dogs and cats here for years. The clinic is pristinely clean! I very much appreciate their excellent communication and total up to date knowledge for the needs of my fur babies! Highly recommend!

Debbie C.

Jake was never a “normal” dog. Everything seemed to hurt or scare him. When my vet suggested I see Dr. Petty, I immediately made an appointment. Despite the hour trip, we have been seeing him ever since. Jake is a much happier boy. Now that Dr. Petty has cared for him, he is living his best life.

Beth W.

When the emergency veterinarian said my cat was going to die, I went to Dr. Petty. After a series of treatments, my cat lived 9 more years. Ever since, I have brought all my pets to Arbor Pointe. Dr. Petty is kind, compassionate, wicked smart, willing to think outside the box, and just a darn good veterinarian.

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