Veterinarians Providing Exceptional Care and Pain Management to Taylor, MI

Every pet deserves to have a veterinarian who is fully invested in keeping them healthy and making sure they live their best life for as long as possible. Arbor Pointe Veterinary Hospital is a place where the highest-quality medicine, first-rate expertise, and genuine compassion are brought together to give companion animals and their families in Taylor, MI the best care available. To maintain our high standards, we receive periodic inspections from AAHA representatives to ensure that we are meeting all of their requirements, and our animal hospital is also a certified Cat Friendly Practice. All of our hard work and dedication are geared towards making life better for pets and their humans.

Ready to book an appointment with our Taylor, MI veterinarians? Call us at (734) 844-8844 or use our online formArbor Pointe Veterinary Hospital is located at 42043 Ford Rd in Canton, MI a short 20 minute drive from Taylor, MI.

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Veterinary Services We Provide for Taylor, MI Dogs and Cats

Whether we’re seeing you and your pet for the first time or the 10th time, we’re always conscious of your pet’s unique needs and what works best for them and for you. All of our services can be tailored to suit them and provide maximum benefits for their health.

Our veterinary services for Taylor, MI pets include:

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Advanced Pain Relief for Pets at Our Taylor, MI Animal Hospital

Virtually every dog and cat has experienced pain from an injury, surgery, or illness. While temporary pain can be normal, chronic pain is a major issue that can hinder recovery and lower quality of life. At Arbor Pointe Veterinary Hospital, your veterinarian can use their expert knowledge in pet pain management and various traditional and holistic therapies to find a treatment that is safest and most effective for them. No pet should have to live day to day with life-limiting pain.

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Dog Parks for Taylor, MI Pets to Explore

Do you and your dog enjoy exploring, being outside or going for walks? Here are a few dog parks for Taylor, MI pets and families to enjoy together. Brownstown Dog Park is a quick 18-minute drive from Taylor where large and small dogs have their separate, spacious places to run around and access to water containers. WOOFhaven Dog Park is another place to explore with your dog! The WOOFhaven Dog Park is located in Civic Center Park with benches, clean up stations and separate play areas for dogs based on their size.