Veterinarian Near Worden, MI Providing Comprehensive Medicine and Advanced Pain Management

Arbor Pointe Veterinary Hospital is an AAHA accredited, certified Cat Friendly Practice delivering outstanding veterinary medicine and pain management to the pets of Worden, MI and surrounding areas. We take your pet’s health very seriously, and are committed to being their lifetime healthcare provider, offering all the essential services and treatments they require to remain in the best of health. Dr. Mike Petty and his team also value the bond shared between pets and their families, and understand that by helping pets, they are also helping people.

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Veterinarian Near Worden, MI

Veterinary Services Near Worden, MI We Offer Pet Families

Your pet deserves a healthcare plan that is as unique as they are. No two pets are going to have the same exact needs--we believe that custom care is the best care. Our veterinary services, which can be suited to fit your pet’s needs at any age, include the following:

Cat at our animal hospital near Worden, MI

Better Pain Relief for Dogs and Cats Near Worden, MI

At Arbor Pointe Veterinary Hospital, pain relief is one of our specialties. Dr. Mike Petty has significant experience providing advanced and custom pain management solutions for pets, whose lives can be affected by pain in more ways than we realize. Furthermore, we understand that, like general medicine, pain relief is not one-size-fits-all. Some dogs and cats respond well to medication, while others require a more holistic approach. Our goal is to offer all of the best and most diverse pain management options available to meet the needs of our diverse patients.

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