Veterinarian Near Wayne, MI Offers High-Quality Care to Dogs and Cats

Arbor Pointe Veterinary Hospital is an AAHA accredited animal hospital where our veterinarian practices the highest-quality medicine for dogs and cats in Wayne, MI and surrounding areas. We go the extra mile to meet all of your pet’s health needs, while also working to ensure that their experience at our animal hospital is an overwhelmingly positive one. Arbor Pointe is also a Certified Cat Friendly practice, which means we implement various techniques and protocols to make visits to the vet more relaxing and stress-free for cats, who often miss out on routine preventative care.

Veterinarian Near Wayne, MI

Veterinary Services to Maximize Your Pet’s Health and Longevity

It takes more than luck to keep your dog or cat as healthy as they can be. To help them stay protected from disease for as long as possible and effectively treat existing problems, we offer:

Cat at our animal hospital near Wayne, MI

We Specialize in Pain Management for Pets at Our Animal Hospital Near Wayne

Pain is not just a superficial issue for dogs and cats; it can do serious harm to their well-being and reduce their quality of life considerably. At Arbor Pointe, your veterinarian can provide your pet with an effective pain management plan that goes beyond oral medication to include safer options such as physical therapy, laser therapy, and more. Whether your pet is living with arthritis or recuperating from surgery or an injury, our team can help.