Veterinarian Near Plymouth, MI Providing Exceptional Animal Care

At Arbor Pointe Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarian Dr. Petty and his trusted staff are dedicated to delivering outstanding care to our patients and clients from Plymouth, MI and surrounding communities. Our practice is AAHA accredited and Certified Cat Friendly, which means we are held to the highest standards in veterinary medicine. Along with these distinctions, we’re committed to treating every pet with the individualized care and attention they deserve. Our animal hospital also offers the latest in pain management, with a variety of services to meet your pet’s particular needs.

Veterinarian Near Plymouth, MI

Veterinary Services We Provide to Give Dogs and Cats a Better Life

Our primary veterinary services include:

In addition, we offer these services for pet pain management:

Mike Petty DVM

About Our Veterinarian Near Plymouth

Dr. Petty has dedicated his life’s work to improving the lives of pets and their families through quality medicine and advanced pain management. He has published many articles on the subject of pet pain management, advised various pharmaceutical companies on pain management, and lectured on a national and international scale on pain management and rehabilitation for pets.

Why Our Animal Hospital is AAHA Accredited

Our accreditation with the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) gives us the ability to provide excellent preventive and medical care for our patients at all times. It encourages our team to work together to maintain a level of excellence that many animal hospitals have yet to reach. We do this because we care about your pet’s health and your happiness. The bond between animals and their families is one we cherish and seek to strengthen with the care we provide.