Fear Free Pet Care at Our Animal Hospital in Canton

Arbor Pointe Veterinary Hospital is excited to have a fully Fear Free Certified staff here in Canton, MI. Our team members worked hard to obtain the necessary training to become Fear Free Certified Professionals and offer an even higher level of service to the pet-owning community.

What It Means

Being Fear Free means that we place special emphasis on making pets feel more secure and comfortable when they visit our animal hospital. Anxiety can be a strong deterrent against receiving essential healthcare, and we hope to change that. By helping pets see vet visits as primarily positive experiences, our goal is to make it easier for pets and their families to commit to routine checkups to improve their pets’ health.

Happy dog under a blanket: Fear Free in Canton

Our Strategies for Creating Fear Free Experiences

All of our staff members at Arbor Pointe Veterinary Hospital underwent training and testing to become Fear Free Certified Professionals. In addition to learning individual techniques, our staff also implements strategies throughout the hospital to make it even more welcoming for apprehensive pets. These strategies include:

  • Using separate exam rooms and treatment areas for dogs and cats
  • Placing a cat pheromone diffuser and a dog pheromone diffuser in their respective exam rooms to help pets relax
  • Spraying pheromones on blankets or towels
  • Using non-slip mats on exam tables
  • Minimal, gentle handling of patients
  • Distracting patients with treats
  • Approaching each pet on their terms and pinpointing potential stressors that we can work to eliminate
  • Moving patients from the lobby to the exam room quickly to prevent contact with other animals

We are also dedicated to teaching pet parents about Fear Free and how they can lessen their pets’ fears before going to the vet.

Learn More

Call our animal hospital at (734) 844-8844 for more information about the Fear Free program, or visit fearfreepets.com.