Visiting our clinic during the pandemic

As veterinary medicine has been deemed an essential business, we are staying open during the Stay-at-Home order, for the care of your pets.  This means that you can legally travel to and from our clinic with your pet or to pick up necessary medications for your pet.


Covid-19 update from Dr. Petty

As you may have heard, the governor is now allowing us to do routine procedures that were not allowed for the past few months, including dental cleanings, spays and neuters. Feel free to call us if your pet’s procedure has been postponed.

Due to lack of us being able to get adequate personal protection equipment, we are going to continue with curbside drop off and pick up of animals until such time that we have adequate equipment to protect our staff and to protect you.

Each of us has contact with about 20 people a day.  Multiply this by our 4 employees and that is 80 possible exposures to Covid-19 per day.  Multiply this by the latent phase of infection of 5 days before symptoms start and this is 400 exposures per week where one of my staff could be sick and not know it.  I think this highlights how we are worried about keeping you and my staff safe.

As soon as there is an abundance of personal protection equipment, we will start to relax the curbside service.  And of course we can always do curbside service for our clients that are more vulnerable to the effects of a Covid-19 infection.

- Dr. Petty

We want to keep you and our staff safe.  We are following strict sanitizing guidelines with products proven to kill the Coronavirus, but we are offering the following steps and recommendations as well.


Instructions for curbside drop off

  • Call us when you arrive and we will come out and get your pet. We will use our slip leash for dogs.
  • Cats MUST be in a secure carrier designed for transporting cats and small dogs. Small dogs may also be transported in a carrier if you wish.

We ask if you:

  • Are not feeling well, please have someone else drive your pet here and inform us so we can take the necessary precautions
  • If you are feeling well but have been around someone who shows any signs of a cold, flu or Covid-19, let us know so we can take the necessary precautions
  • You think your respiratory signs are just an allergy, please treat it like it might be something more serious.

For simple things like food or medication pickup, we ask that you call ahead and pay ahead of time. We will give you your product outside the clinic, so call us when you arrive.

Spraying anti-viral disinfectant
Spraying anti-viral disinfectant
Surgical grade hand disinfectant
Surgical grade hand disinfectant