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The Arbor Pointe Veterinary Hospital App

HAPPYVET Keeps you on track

Managing your pet's health care can be a challenge. With our HAPPYVET app, you can stay up to date with your pet's appointments and be proactive about keeping them healthy. How? HAPPYVET includes these key features:

  • Appointment and prescription refill request
  • The ability to search for pet-friendly hotels and restaurants in your area
  • A notepad for recording changes in your pet's health and behavior
  • A tracker for monitoring your pet's exercise regimen
  • ...and more

Visit your Apple or Google Play store to download and install HAPPYVET to your mobile device. If you have any questions about installing our app or using any of its features, please call (734) 844-8844.

Dr. Petty and his Arbor Pointe staff are so very compassionate and extremely professional! I’ve taken my dogs and cats here for years. The clinic is pristinely clean! I very much appreciate their excellent communication and total up to date knowledge for the needs of my fur babies! Highly recommend!

Debbie C.

Jake was never a “normal” dog. Everything seemed to hurt or scare him. When my vet suggested I see Dr. Petty, I immediately made an appointment. Despite the hour trip, we have been seeing him ever since. Jake is a much happier boy. Now that Dr. Petty has cared for him, he is living his best life.

Beth W.

When the emergency veterinarian said my cat was going to die, I went to Dr. Petty. After a series of treatments, my cat lived 9 more years. Ever since, I have brought all my pets to Arbor Pointe. Dr. Petty is kind, compassionate, wicked smart, willing to think outside the box, and just a darn good veterinarian.

Kim T.